Tuesday, March 22, 2011


On March 4, 2011 the 4th annual 'Bollywood Nights' Ball was held at The Manor of Groves Hotel in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.  The evening was incredible, the food was delicious, the atmosphere and entertainment were spot-on and the spirit of giving was definitely in the air.
The food was catered by Laguna Restaurant  who have made it their pride and passion to ensure that each event they cater for is unique and to a high standard. This definitely shone through as you can see here. Thee food was delicious. 'You have to try the Lime Pickle, it's the best I've ever had' was overheard by several of the guests. 
The evenings entertainment was provided by Satyam Productions and consisted of singers, dancers musicians, henna tattooists, jewelry and bindi stalls. The team worked really well together and were essential in making everyone feel comfortable and setting the mood. Just like last year the dancers and singers could be found in the ladies restroom pinning saris to make sure everyone looked their best. As always, the dancing and singing were fantastic but the Dandiya Raas or also known as the 'Stick Dance' gave everyone a good laugh!

As much fun as the dancing, shopping, henna and casino was nothing got my heart pumping like the charity auction. We had some fantastic prizes this year but what was more impressive were the bids! We raised over £26,000 with more than half of that coming from the auction alone! A big 'Thank You' goes out to everyone who took part and congratulations to those who won.  This money means so much to us and to our work. Breast cancer research is constantly changing and evolving and without your generous donations and participation in our fundraising events we would not be able to help the, approximately, 350 new patients each year who benefit tremendously from our clinical trials.

Thanks again to the committee: Becky Fitzjohn, Kerrie Fitzjohn, Gary Ayliffe, Jean Judge, John Judge, Dinesh Patel and Ashraf Patel.